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To: Principal Dille

Allow GSA a Place in the Clovis North High School Yearbook

Campaign created by
Cassi D.

This campaign has ended.

Dear Mr. Dille,
Last year, our GSA was the only club at Clovis North without a picture in the yearbook. This year, we would like a place in the yearbook just like every other club. Denial of a club picture targets the LGBT community, promotes discrimination, and contravenes the hard work we do advocating equality to make sure the students, gay or straight, at Clovis North stay united.

Why is this important?

Without the proper publicity, teens who are struggling with their sexual and romantic orientations won't be able to find our club as easily. We're working very hard to educate students on the LGBT community so they can feel safe and protected, but my kids feel like they're being targeted by school officials. GSA should be extended the same rights as every other club, not singled out because of what we stand for.

Clovis North High School, East International Avenue, Fresno, CA, United States

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