To: MMHS School Board

Create Gender-Neutral Bathrooms for MMHS

Create Gender-Neutral Bathrooms for MMHS

It's a reality that there are many students in public schools whose gender is outside of the binary! Using a gender-affirming restroom is an issue that affects many transgender students, and it can be extremely uncomfortable choosing between the male restroom and the female restroom. It can cause increased feelings of gender dysphoria, especially in students identifying as nonbinary or genderfluid. There is an easy solution to this pressing problem, and that is to have gender-neutral bathrooms in our school! This way students, and even possibly faculty, can feel safer and more comfortable going to the restroom every day.

Why is this important?

The unfortunate truth is that discrimination among transgender youth can stem from something as simple as what bathroom they use. Safety is one of the top priorities in public schools, and this is one issue involving safety that requires resolving!

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