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To: Clovis Unified School District Board

CUSD: Gender-Neutral Dress Code

This campaign has ended.

To the Clovis Unified School District Board:
We - the students of CUSD, parents of CUSD students, and concerned community members - are asking for a change in the decades-old CUSD dress code policy in the name of gender equality and law.
We are asking that CUSD does not continue with it's negative record of losing lawsuits against state and national laws.
We are asking for a gender-neutral dress code which honors the rights of students' to not be discriminated, on the basis of gender.
We are asking for a dress code with no restrictions on hair length, facial hair, and piercings, as well as the ability to voice our opinions and suggestions on other aspects of dress code, and for these suggestions to be considered fairly.

Why is this important?

The Clovis Unified School District's majority vote (4-3) refusing the adaptation of a gender-neutral dress code is illegal. Under the California Education Code (Ch. 2 Art. 3 Sec. 220), students are entitled to their right of not being subjected to "...discrimination on the basis of disability, gender, gender identity, gender expression...".
Students, parents, and community members alike believe that the mindset during the implementation of the 1975 CUSD dress code does not reflect the mindset of 2016's society.
Clovis, CA, United States

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