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To: Dr. Michelle Rodriguez & PVUSD staff

Demanding affirmative action in regards to Queer & Trans* students at PVUSD

PVUSD has avoided state regulations regarding LGBTQ+ students. PVUSD has not established gender neutral bathrooms at every school, has not included LGBTQ+ history, has not given safe sex education for those who are not heterosexual, has ignored our complaints of transphobic and inadequate teachers who let hate speech continue in our classrooms. It is time PVUSD takes affirmative action and establish an environment for our queer and trans students

Why is this important?

Transgender students face constant harassment from their peers and teachers and we have had enough. Many students are dead-named even though they have notified the teachers. These teachers allow harassment to continue in our classrooms leading to our students in our S.A.G.A club to feel hopeless about a future.

Watsonville, CA, USA

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