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To: Department of Education

#ShowUp4TransYouth in Schools

We are calling on the Department of Education, under the leadership of Betsy DeVos, to protect the rights of ALL students--including transgender and gender nonconforming students (TGNC)--within the K-12 public school system, who are experiencing discrimination, harassment, and violence. Through this petition, we demand that the Department of Education reinstate the Federal Guidance to Schools on Transgender students that was rescinded in February 2017. This guidance provides instruction for schools across the country on how to create safe and welcoming environments from TGNC students.

Access to public education is a right to all students in this country. Schools should be a space where all students, regardless of our gender identity or sexual orientation, can feel safe and supported while learning within the classroom. For students who identify as TGNC, this is not the reality. The Department of Education must make clear its dedication to fair and equitable education--- anything less would be robbing students of the education they deserve.

We demand that the Department of Education protect ALL students in public schools and respond to the increasing pressure and calls for support from TGNC students, their families and their communities across the country.

Why is this important?

Transgender people face an incredible amount of discrimination and violence on school campuses across the United States. From verbal and emotional abuse to violence that results in physical harm and deaths, the experiences of transgender youth in school are already filled with adversity. Additionally, we know that members of the federal government have used language that dehumanizes TGNC people, making it clear that they have no interest in ensuring our safety. This directly contributes to TGNC students experiencing continued trauma and harm simply from attempting to access public education..

Gavin Grimm and Ash Whitaker are just a few recent examples that show how TGNC youth face pervasive discrimination as they try to access fair and equitable treatment in schools, and live as their authentic selves.

As young people trying to survive and thrive within the educational system, we should not be forced to deal with threats and attacks from the very federal agencies that are meant to ensure we can ALL access a quality education. TGNC students deserve a fair and equitable education and safe environments in schools, just like our peers. We are resilient and will continue to demand justice until we get the protections we deserve.

Now, we call for the Department of Education to support us and ensure that the law is on our side.

#ShowUp4TransYouth! #TQYouthResist


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