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To: Haughton High School



My name is Faith Brantley and I go to Haughton High school. HHS is in a seemingly small town with a handful of people in the community who, unfortunately, have closed minds.
Like any other school, HHS has students who are LGBT+ and students who support them.
I want to start a GSA Club to give a safe environment and platform to unify the students, LGBT+ and straight, to discuss LGBT+ issues including Transphobia, homophobia, gay stereotypes, ect.
My school doesn't think a GSA Club is a good idea, stating that, "They don't want a club based around sexual orientation".
I'm hoping this petition will grow enough support in my community that the school will rethink their decision.

Why is this important?

I believe a GSA Club is important and could benefit HHS, because in a small town in the "country" some people are brought up to not tolerate LGBT+.
I want to let LGBT+ students unite with straight allies to end this problem within the school and give a safe place for all students to come and discuss the issues.
This could also give a safe place for students who have not come out yet to build up the courage to be known as an LGBT+ student and feel safe being who they are.

Haughton High School, East McKinley Avenue, Haughton, LA, United States

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