To: Students in the LGBTQ+ community and allies

Support the GSA at STEMCivics!

When you join the GSA at STEMCivics, you'll become a member of the GSA Network.

In our GSA, we will form a community where people who are LGBTQ+ can feel welcomed and loved by our trusted members and allies. It is important to us that all students can expect confidentiality when participating in our meetings and events.

Some of the things our GSA can do are:
1. Start petition campaigns, like this one!
2. Participate in artistic projects that represent the LGBTQ community.
3. Attend a pride celebration.
4. Take direct actions like holding a protest.
5. Watch LGBTQ themed movies.
6. Have a dance party - or LGBTQ prom.
7. Talk about their future as members and allies of the LGBTQ community.
8. Talk about LGBTQ issues and culture.

And so much more... Join today!

Why is this important?

Joining and supporting our GSA is important because the LGBTQ+ community needs members and allies who will come forward to support the community and make them feel safe no matter what.

Trenton, NJ, USA

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