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To: Dr. Stacy Chambers

Let Our GSA Meet On Campus

This campaign has ended.

Let Our GSA Meet On Campus

Dear Dr. Chambers, please allow our school to have a Gender and Sexuality Alliance club to give queer youth at our school a safe place to be who they are -- it's the law!

Why is this important?

Many of our own peers are forced into an environment where their identities are unwelcome. Students you see everyday are bullied by not only other students, but their parents as well.

'"LGBT people are targeted for violent hate crimes at a rate of two times that of... Muslims or black people, four times that of Jews, and 14 times that of Latinos.'

Data from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs also shows (link is external) that the transgender community is particularly vulnerable to such violence. In 2013, 67% of hate crime homicides were committed against transgender women of color"

"Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among young people ages 10 to 24.1
LGB youth seriously contemplate suicide at almost three times the rate of heterosexual youth.2
LGB youth are almost five times as likely to have attempted suicide compared to heterosexual youth.2
Of all the suicide attempts made by youth, LGB youth suicide attempts were almost five times as likely to require medical treatment than those of heterosexual youth.2
Suicide attempts by LGB youth and questioning youth are 4 to 6 times more likely to result in injury, poisoning, or overdose that requires treatment from a doctor or nurse, compared to their straight peers.2
In a national study, 40% of transgender adults reported having made a suicide attempt. 92% of these individuals reported having attempted suicide before the age of 25.3
LGB youth who come from highly rejecting families are 8.4 times as likely to have attempted suicide as LGB peers who reported no or low levels of family rejection.4
1 out of 6 students nationwide (grades 9–12) seriously considered suicide in the past year. [5]
Each episode of LGBT victimization, such as physical or verbal harassment or abuse, increases the likelihood of self-harming behavior by 2.5 times on average.6"

Florida State University School, School House Road, Tallahassee, FL, United States

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