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To: School Board

Make LGBT history part of High School curriculum.

Make LGBT history part of High School curriculum.

Dear School Board,
For years the LGBT community has been fighting for equal rights and representation across the nation. We are a part of history as much as anyone else. We have paved the way for many younger generations to feel comfortable in their own skin. I'm asking you to teach the youth about these times and adapt to the modern world.

Why is this important?

Many children are questioning their sexuality by the time they get to high school. Once they come out, they are sometimes unable to have a role model because everyone around them is straight. If we were to teach these things to them while they are in school, they can learn about their history, culture, and how others fought for their representation or lack thereof now.

Gwinnett County, GA, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • I signed to support this. I believe this needs to be studied. We learn about slavery and and civil rights. Why not this?
  • I definitely agree with this campaign. To make the students of tomorrow more inclusive, we need to educate on ALL people, instead of the ones with privilege.


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