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To: State Boards of Education

What We Deserve: How schools can support trans and queer youth of color

Campaign created by
National Youth Council o.

WE BELIEVE ALL Trans and Queer Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian young folks are invaluable and more than enough, exactly as we are. At the very least, WE DESERVE equitable and affirming schools & communities.

WE BELIEVE, also, Reparations from the U.S. Government and Legislative action are at the center of realizing our demands for Racial Justice.

Across the country, State School Boards have the power to ensure that every trans and queer youth of color has access to an equitable and affirming education. However, there are school districts, in every state, that allow wide-spread disparities (differences or inequities or discrimination) between the treatment of trans and queer students of color and all other student groups. Trans and queer youth of color deserve equity. Trans and queer youth of color deserve to be seen and heard. Trans and queer youth of color deserve to see themselves in their school leadership and classroom. We must persist and spread the word to our isolated comrades about what we deserve.

Why is this important?


1) Public school systems that have funding regardless of local property tax or proximity to wealthy, white communities.

2) Police-free schools without armed guards or armed teachers.

3) Schools with GSAs (or other student-led convening spaces).

4) Administrators and Teachers who are POC, trans and queer.

5) Administrators, Teachers and Staff with annual Racial and Gender competency training.

6) Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, and LGBTQIA relevant curriculums with Fine Arts and Advanced Placement courses that reflect our diverse and ancient cultures.

7) Multiple full-time nurses and full-time social workers at our schools.

8) Schools with Trans and Queer Youth of Color Student Government Committees


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