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Dear Azusa,
For so long, our community has remained comfortable in the traditions laid before us generations ago. From how we act to what we talk about, it seems to be safer to follow our peers than give change a chance.
But, the time is here: time for change. With the number of LGBTQ* teens and youth coming to terms with who they are and being brave enough to show their beautiful souls, it can be a challenge when they are not sure whether people will be accepting and supportive. This petition however shows them just that; Azusa IS a supportive environment to love yourself and be yourself.
Signing this is simply giving an picture to teens everywhere that in Azusa, we do not outcast and harm diverse people, but rather embrace them, for in the end, that's what Azusa (and America) is, diverse and proud.

Why is this important?

I cannot express how much it means to know that there are people in this world who support one through life. As we grow older and prepare ourselves for the world after high school, we spend years through school figuring out who we are and everything about ourselves. Yet, when a teen is lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or any other LGBTQ* identity, it can feel immensely more complicated and scary. In serious cases, feelings of isolation and non-support can lead to tragic outcomes, with suicide being the 3rd leading cause of death in youth ages 10-24. We need to put a stop to this and ensure that all youth have an equal shot at success and a bright future.
For this reason, this simple project has one goal: show teens everywhere, we do care! In the end, this can make all the difference.

Azusa, CA, United States

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