Successful Campaigns

Successful Campaigns
  • CUSD: Gender-Neutral Dress Code
    On April 6, 2016, the Governing Board approved modifications to the dress code that removed language that differentiated standards between boys and girls.
    3,800 Signatures
    Created by Rei B.
  • Breaking the Gender Binary at Graduation
    This campaign took a lot of work just by outreaching to other GSAs or spreading the word out about this campaign to all the students in the district; in the end, the success came from every individual that contributed and became a part of this petition, whether by forming it, spreading it, or just signing it. The campaign ended with the district deciding to allow schools have their seniors vote for what they wanted their graduation gowns to be. The senior classes can now choose whether they want a unisex color for their gowns or have everyone choose individually what color they prefer. Our strength came in out numbers.
    175 Signatures
    Created by Aiden C.
  • Release GSA Network alum and all LGBT youth from ICE detention
    After we delivered the petition to the White House and ICE, Yordy was allowed a reconsideration hearing -- where, after being denied twice earlier in the process, he was finally granted his credible fear request. He has been released and reunited with his family, as well as his former teacher who helped him start his GSA just a few years ago.
    3,356 Signatures
    Created by Mario V.