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To: Long Beach Unified School District

The Fight Against Transphobia in LBUSD

Campaign created by
Amber V
GSA Network of California

I am currently facing transphobia at school and when I filed a complaint form, both the administration and I are currently working together to resolve this issue. I want the school to know that my rights as a transgender student are adhered to and I would like the school to acknowledge that transgender students deserve the right to not be discriminated against by anyone and have a right to a safe learning environment without having to live in constant fear of bullying. I want the school to be able to teach other students and staff members about the transgender community and who we are and how they can become better allies.

Why is this important?

This is important because not only is this affecting me but I also want future students who come to any of the LBUSD schools to know that they are protected under state, federal, local, and district laws. People deserve to know that we in the transgender community are here no matter what anyone says. #WEWILLNOTBEERASED

Being able to collect even the smallest amounts of signatures will help us get far and start a movement. I strongly believe the treatment the transgender community has received is a disgrace. Having been through personal struggles, I am taking a stand and want my voice heard.

How it will be delivered

I plan on having a conference with LBUSD and Board of Education members so they fully understand the situation. My voice must be heard and we must build a school community that is able to fight back against any hate towards our community.

Long Beach Polytechnic High School, Atlantic Avenue, Long Beach, CA, USA

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