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To: Our School Community and School Leaders


Campaign created by
Unity G.

We are starting this campaign to spread awareness and educate our school community on LGBT rights. We do not want our community to be afraid to be themselves. We want our peers to educate themselves and feel free to listen and share at GSA meetings. No one should have to hide who they are! We want to end the use of terms such as 'Gay' as an insult. When hurtful, discriminatory verbal language is used we want our school to create a protocol to address these issues. We would like peer and teacher remediation sessions at our school. We also need more conversations around discrimination in our school. We are requesting a monthly assembly to be held on topics including discrimination, Black Lives Matter, LGBT rights and Anti-bullying strategies. We also want outside LGBT leaders to be allowed to visit our school and GSA meetings. We want GSA meeting reminders to be included in morning announcements.

Why is this important?

It is important because LGBT and especially Black LGBT people are not treated equally in our world. We want to continue to make positive changes in our school. People require counseling and more conversations around diversity, discrimination and LGBT rights should happen within our school.

Brooklyn, NY, USA

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