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To: Administration and Board of Directors of St. Mary's School

We need a GSA at St. Mary's!

We need a GSA at St. Mary's!

Allow us to start a GSA at St. Mary's, and treat our GSA as you would any other club.

Why is this important?

LGBTQ+ youth at our school are afraid of being themselves because of intolerable bullying and homophobia that exists at St. Mary's. We must stand up to the pushback of the Archdiocese and become a place of love, comfort, and acceptance for all students regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or anything at all.

A Genders & Sexualities Alliance club, or GSA, would provide a much-needed safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity, and work to create positive change on campus.

Under the Federal Equal Access Act (, any school that receives government funding and has at least one other non-curricular club is legally required to also allow a GSA. Legally, public schools with other clubs must let students start a GSA -- and must treat the GSA like any other student club! As a private institution, we should go above and beyond in providing all people with their rights and freedoms, not be below public education's Constitutional standards.

GSAs have been proven to make schools safer for all students. Allow us to start a GSA so that ALL students can succeed.

Medford, OR, USA

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Reasons for signing

  • If this helps just one student to fully be present to learn in school by being affirmed and supported for who they are, then it is worth it.
  • I am a big fan of St Mary's. We had a daughter go there and a son for 1 year. Being an educator myself and experience with both St Mary's and Ashland High School, I am often asked by parents which schools I would recommend. Because of the lack of support for LGBQT students at St Mary's , some of the brightest, best students who would have flourished academically at St Mary's, I just could not recommend the school. St Mary's is missing out on some of the bravest, smartest most creative kids.
  • Schools aren't for the children you deem worthy, they are for all children to learn and grow in they way they are ready for or choose. Creating schools where ebung yourself can cost you your education is creating a hostile environment and a lack of trust between students and staff. Why would you want your student for feel more scared and shameful than most kids already do?


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