• Allow GSA a Place in the Clovis North High School Yearbook
    Without the proper publicity, teens who are struggling with their sexual and romantic orientations won't be able to find our club as easily. We're working very hard to educate students on the LGBT community so they can feel safe and protected, but my kids feel like they're being targeted by school officials. GSA should be extended the same rights as every other club, not singled out because of what we stand for.
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  • Add Gender Identity / Expression to the NDO
    All students/faculty/staff should be able to bring their full-selves to work and class every day by adding this protected class we can further ensure this is the case.
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  • Give LGBT Students a Safer School Environment
    Because LGBT Students should not feel scare or out of place at school.They go there to learn and enjoy school not to be bully and put down.
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