• California Healthy Youth Act implementation at Cabrillo High School
    Comprehensive sex education is an essential resource which is not currently being offered at Cabrillo. According to the United States Center for Disease Control, LGBTQ+ youth have reported higher rates of non-consensual or forced sex, dating violence, HIVs/STI's, and pregnancy experiencing some form of these harms. Implementing this resource can make the difference in empowering a young person to have confidence in their sexual health and can possibly save lives.
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  • Allow For A LGBTQ Club at Francis Lewis High School
    This is important to many student because by allowing this club to be available to student, allows them to have a safe haven where they are able to to join together with other student who are going thru similar struggles with either acceptance, coming out or other issues.
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  • LGBTQ Studies Program
    The LGBTQ community is a historically under-served, underrepresented and marginalized community. Offering studies will not only dispel the myths and stereotypes associated with this community, but it will also be consistent with the colleges's Vision, Mission, Values, and Institutional Student Learning Outcomes statement as articulated by the following: "Diversity Because ARC is a community valuing the varied perspectives and experiences of students, faculty and staff, the college offers educational opportunities for enhancing cultural awareness, supporting diversity, and promoting the free exchange of ideas and the development of a culturally competent and inclusive college community." (as of 4/1/2014 per http://www.arc.losrios.edu/About_ARC/Vision_Mission_and_Values.htm)
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